​Media Statement

​Ombudsman inquiry into the Department of Agriculture

19 March 2015

The Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, has today welcomed the outcome of a Commonwealth Ombudsman investigation into the Department of Agriculture’s handling of an ongoing investigation into bovine serum imports.

The Commonwealth Ombudsman has found that the department’s actions in undertaking its investigation were reasonable and that no further investigation into the complaint was warranted.

The department’s criminal investigation into bovine serum imports remains ongoing and the department should now be allowed to continue the investigation without interference in order to bring it to a conclusion.

Protecting and maintaining Australia’s world-class biosecurity status is one of the highest priorities of this government and we will continue to pursue any and all allegations that our strict requirements have been breached.

I do not propose to comment any further on this matter until it is fully concluded.​

A statement from the Department of Agriculture has been released online.