​Media Release

Putting the roo in Peru

24 March 2015

Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, has welcomed the addition of Peru as an export market for kangaroo meat with in-store supermarket promotion of this unique Australian product starting in the capital, Lima last week. 

“Market access for kangaroo meat to Peru wraps up extensive negotiations between Australian and Peruvian authorities on import conditions, health certification and the process for approval of Australian export establishments,” Minister Joyce said.

​“The Australian Government—through the Department of Agriculture and Austrade—has been working with the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia and the exporter since 2008 to negotiate market access to Peru. 

“A lot of time and effort was invested in developing the necessary arrangements to open this market so it’s pleasing to see this work come to fruition and that Australian product is on supermarket shelves in Lima.”

The first commercial size shipment—that left Australia in February—contained around 1,000kg of quality, nutritious product. 

Australia has a solid reputation as a reliable supplier of quality agricultural products. Kangaroo meat is nutritious, high in iron and protein, and is a truly unique Australian game meat,” Minister Joyce said.  

“The Australian Government continues to work with the kangaroo industry and overseas governments to improve market access for kangaroo products as well as to grow the volume of exports.”

Australia has bilateral certification for edible kangaroo meat products with approximately 70 countries. In 2013-14 edible kangaroo meat and meat product exports were valued at $21.8 million.

Minister Joyce said opening up and expanding market access for Australian agricultural products was a priority for the Australian Government.​