Media Release

​You can afford a house, says Barnaby

10 June 2015​

After completing an interview with Fran Kelly on the ABC’s Radio National this morning Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, started thinking about whether there were jobs in regional centres such as Tamworth, where a couple could afford to buy a house and take part in the great Australian dream of owning their own home.

“As recently as today there have been 200 jobs announced in the meat industry in an expansion of the lamb abattoir in my local regional city,” Minister Joyce said.

“This is not merely for meatworkers, but also IT specialists, medical scientists, biological scientists, export and trade specialists and engineers.

“This is what happens when you turn the soft commodity markets around – a $25 million investment is created giving young people an opportunity to get ahead.

“Opportunities are not just restricted to Sydney. Opportunities exist elsewhere to buy a house and not be stuck in traffic. To get home in time to be able to spend more time with your kids.

“To not spend half of your Saturday driving the kids around for an hour game because even on the weekend the traffic can be heavy in the state capital.

“In the country you can buy a house with a backyard on the salary you earn.

"This is why decentralisation to regional areas has multiple benefits, and why the Coalition Government’s ambitious program to relocate government agencies to regional areas has been welcomed by many.

“And in the internet age there should be very few limitations as to which town that desk with the keyboard can be in.

“It’s not just those in the housing market who should consider this, but also employers, especially those who are looking for a stable workforce happy in the standard of living they get in a regional city or a regional town.”