Media Release

Better regulations mean better market access and big savings

30 April 2014

Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, today said the plant export industry could expect to save over $1 million a year following changes to legislation controlling the export of plant and plant products.

Minister Joyce said the new changes to the Export Control (Plants and Plant Products) Order 2011 meant a better deal for Australian industry and more certainty for countries importing our products.

"This government is committed to regulation by common sense, not regulation by bureaucracy," Minister Joyce said.

"In line with the Coalition’s deregulation agenda, these changes remove red tape that, until now, forced suppliers to recertify containers and the department to reissue approvals in completely unnecessary circumstances."

Minister Joyce said that the amendments mean that reinspection and re-approval of containers and vessels will not be required if the export compliance requirements for the container or vessel have already been met and their condition has not changed.

"The amendments will not only reduce industry costs, but also support Australia's exports by better ensuring compliance with the International Plant Protection Convention, importing country requirements and all current standards that enhance or improve market access," Minister Joyce said.

"We've consulted with industry and these changes are consistent with current business practice. They will drive efficient and effective delivery of export certification along the whole export supply chain.

"They deliver reduced burden for industry, more certainty for the countries that we export to and, in turn, better access to international markets for Australian suppliers."

Amendments to the Export Control (Plants and Plant Products) Order 2011 come into effect on 1 May.

The amendment regulation can be found on the Comlaw website.