Media Release

Boosting farm performance through red tape cuts

19 March 2014

Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, today introduced legislation to stop another layer of duplicative and unnecessary red tape burdening users of agricultural and veterinary chemicals.

“These agvet chemicals legislation amendments will save the agvet chemical industry $1.3 million in time and fees annually by removing duplicative and unnecessary red tape and ensures farmers and the community can continue to have access to effective and safe agvet chemicals,” Minister Joyce said.

“This legislation shows the Australian Government is committed to deliver on its election commitment and to remove $1 billion a year in unnecessary red and green tape.

“Farmers rely on access to agvet chemicals to protect their crops from dangerous pests and diseases. Deloitte Access Economics have recently attributed 68% of crop production to the use of agvet chemicals.

“As a result of these reforms farmers will have surety that access to chemicals with a history of safe and effective use will not be compromised by an unnecessary bureaucratic process.

“These reforms will improve the regulator’s ability to scrutinise chemicals available in the market to better manage real risks to human and environmental health, rather than processing thousands of unnecessary pieces of paper a year.”

The legislation is expected to be passed by the lower house as part of the government’s Repeal Day on March 26 and, if passed by the Senate, will be implemented from 1 July 2014.

“The regulatory burden on farmers and farm businesses arise from areas outside of the agriculture portfolio too. It’s important to realise that where other businesses benefit from the outcomes of Repeal Day, our farming businesses should benefit too,” Minister Joyce said.

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