Media Release

New Cambodian market for livestock exports

21 August 2014

Cambodia will soon be the latest market to open for Australian cattle as a part of the Coalition Government’s drive to achieve greater market access for Australian livestock and better farmgate returns for producers.

Agriculture Minister, Barnaby Joyce, said Cambodia was the fourth livestock export market which the government has negotiated access into since February.

“This government is serious about delivering greater market access for our agricultural producers, including cattle producers many of whom are doing it tough at the moment because of drought,” Minister Joyce said.

“Opening new markets, and improving access to existing ones, are tangible ways government can help our farmers get a fair price for the work they do.

“Better market access should help increase farmers profits – and that keeps our regional communities alive and keeps Australia’s economy healthy.”

Minister Joyce said the Australian and Cambodian government veterinary authorities reached agreement on animal health certification requirements which has opened the door for the start of trade in feeder and slaughter cattle between the two nations.

“Exporters can now look to implement the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) and establish supply chains that meet those requirements.

“Getting the groundwork right for any new market can take time but I anticipate trade will start soon.

“Industry estimates that about 10,000 head of cattle may be traded initially and that there is a good prospect of future growth in the trade.

“I am proud to say this is the fourth market I have opened in six months.

“Commercial support has already resulted in a re-start of trade with Bahrain and Egypt and I expect shipments will follow in coming months to Iran.

“With a good shower of rain and new markets, better prices are to be expected.

“This is all about ensuring government creates the conditions for trade which then allows commercial parties to take advantage of these increased opportunities,” Minister Joyce said.