​Media Release

Focus on long-term profitability and sustainability for Australian dairy

3 July 2015

Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, today welcomed the release of a new industry-driven sustainability and profitability report for Australia's $13 billion dairy industry. 

The Sustainable Farm Profitability Report, produced by Dairy Australia and the Australian Dairy Industry Council, provides key information to dairy farmers about the range of farming and business management skills necessary to achieve consistently good returns at the farmgate," Minister Joyce said. 

"This is very valuable resource available to more than 6 000 dairy farmers that make up Australia's fourth largest agricultural export industry, worth around $2.7 billion. 

"With volumes and values of global dairy trade expected to grow, driven by increasing demand, our opportunities in overseas markets will depend on doing what we've always done well – but more effectively. 

"Dairy producers looking to build their farming and business management skills and identify opportunities to improve their on-farm business operations will find advice and ideas here. 

"With a strong focus on delivering long-term profitability, the report centres on the tactical and strategic management decisions producers can make to better manage the risks and variables that define good farm management.   

"Sustainable profitability is central to a vibrant and healthy dairy sector. This report and the initiative behind it will enable our producers to see where they might have room to improve and to take the sound business lessons to improve outputs and increase farmgate returns. 

"While there is no single solution that guarantees profitability what we can do is arm our producers with the best resources and advice available to help them adapt to a changing and competitive operating environment," Minister Joyce said. 

To view the Sustainable Farm Profitability Report, visit the Dairy Australia website dairyaustralia.com.au.