Media Release

Graeme Acton RIP

10 May 2014

It is with deep sadness to learn of the death of Australian cattleman Graeme Acton.

I, along with many thousands of Australians, today share a deep sense of loss with the passing of a hero of the cattle industry and a fierce advocate for agriculture and the future of our nation.

Graeme possessed a unique ability to communicate with people irrespective of their background or social standing and united tens of thousands through his love of the art form of campdrafting.

Just weeks ago in Rockhampton Graeme pulled no punches letting me know his views on how we can do things better and his words of wisdom were not lost on me.

We are truly indebted to this great Australian, for the blessing he has been as a father, husband, friend, pioneer and great captain of agricultural industry in Australia.

My thoughts go especially to his wife Jennie and his children Tom, Hayley, Victoria and Laura.

May he rest in peace.