​​Media Release

Grass-fed beef sector unites to determine its future

17 February 2015

Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, has today expressed his appreciation to stakeholder groups within the grass-fed cattle sector for coming together and presenting him with a unified industry position on a proposal to reform the grass-fed beef representative organisation. 

Minister Joyce said that industry’s unified proposal is a historic and essential contribution to the government’s formal response to the Senate Inquiry into the grass-fed beef levy. 

“It has been a long journey that many thought we would never take and many more thought we would never reach a destination,” Mr Joyce said.

“Throughout this entire process the Australian Government has been committed to listening to as many voices as possible within the sector and in ensuring that any potential changes to industry structures enjoyed the overwhelming support of grass-fed levy payers across the country.

Australia’s $7 billion beef industry deserves to have full confidence in how their R&D and marketing levy funds are invested and I am committed to ensuring that any changes resulting from the Senate Inquiry restore that confidence - a confidence that sits side-by-side with current record prices.”

The Minister will now consider the detail of the proposal and work with his department to determine how it could be best implemented.  

“Therefore given the gravity and importance of each of the Inquiry’s recommendations it is vital that we take the time to get this right, and be cautious of an immediate response.

“I want to assure grass-fed levy payers that the government is committed to achieving the best possible outcome on their behalf, however change is not as simple as the flick of a pen and I hope to have a formal response, after considering all seven recommendations, tabled in the coming months. 

I recognise this has been a long and arduous process for industry to this point and they must be congratulated accordingly. 

“I thank all of the groups that have worked productively and collaboratively with the government and with each other to get to this point – each organisation has shown strong leadership and enormous goodwill for which I am grateful,” Minister Joyce said today.