Media Release

​Interim Inspector-General of Biosecurity reappointed​

29 June 2015

The Australian Government will continue strong oversight and assurance of the biosecurity system, with Dr Michael Bond reappointed as the Interim Inspector-General of Biosecurity (IIGB).

Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, said the IIGB currently provided valuable independent oversight of Australia’s biosecurity system.

“With the successful passage of the Biosecurity Act 2015 the interim role will be replaced by a permanent Inspector-General of Biosecurity when the new Act takes effect in June 2016,” Minister Joyce said.

“The IIGB plays a particularly important role in ensuring the systems that underpin our biosecurity status are functioning efficiently, and I welcome Dr Michael Bond’s reappointment for up to 12 months. 

“The IIGB provides an important independent perspective and it is one of the critical mechanisms to assess and improve how we manage Australia’s biosecurity. 

“Freedom from many of the world’s major pests and diseases provides Australia’s agricultural industries with a significant trade advantage—as well as benefiting our environment and native flora and fauna.

“Dr Bond’s expertise in state and national biosecurity and animal health programmes, and his time as a veterinarian, has been critical in providing quality reviews and recommendations to government on biosecurity issues.”

The existing IIGB position and the ongoing Inspector General of Biosecurity position are vital roles that help maintain the quality of Australia’s biosecurity system.

“We know the dollar value of our biosecurity system—ABARES recently conservatively estimated that it’s worth up to $17,500 a year to an average Australian farmer.

“It’s a big job and one we take very seriously—and this is another indication of the Australian Government’s commitment to a strong biosecurity system.”

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