Media Release

Joyce supports more water flows

20 January 2014

Federal Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce said today he supported his colleague Parliamentary Secretary for Water, Senator Simon Birmingham, in measures to deal with the current drought through the temporary trade of environmental water.

“In times where the economic future of so many irrigators is on the line it seems entirely appropriate to utilise water that is held in the dams on the environmental account but which is not currently used for environmental purposes,” Mr Joyce said.

“We have a cotton crop that is a couple of waters away from delivering billions of dollars to the Australian economy.

“We have plantings of grapes that need a drink or Australian farming families will lose millions in agricultural investment.

“We have the capacity to trade water to alleviate these problems and when it rains again, and it will, this water account can be replenished. In the interim, we can use the water that is available to deal with the problems of the drought that are with us right now.”