​Media Release

​MYEFO delivers Ag White Paper funding measures

15 December 2015

Australian agriculture remains a pillar of our economy, and that importance was reaffirmed through today’s Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO). 

Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Barnaby Joyce, said the timing of the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper’s release on 4 July meant items were funded, but not readily identifiable in last May’s budget. 

“MYEFO today reveals all of the measures announced under the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper are now funded in the relevant agencies’ budget papers,” Minister Joyce said.

“Our commitment to farmers is real, and much of what we are providing through the Ag White Paper is now set in stone for all to see through MYEFO.

“The goal of this government is to boost the productivity, competitiveness and resilience of our agriculture sector and the Ag White Paper is the cornerstone of that mission.   
“It is a $4 billion investment in the sector, the biggest in living memory and it is now funded in the Budget and delivering for farmers.

“The Ag White Paper delivered $2.97 billion to support farmers and rural communities to strengthen drought preparedness and risk management over 10 years. 

“MYEFO also includes $100 million for additional rural R&D; $500 million for water infrastructure projects; $50 million for pests and weeds management programmes; $50 million additional funding for emergency eradication programmes; $30.8 million to boost market access and $11.4 million to boost the ACCC’s agricultural engagement.

“Our focus is on practical actions to boost the sector on the ground, and we are lowering tax, cutting red and green tape, building infrastructure, encouraging trade, developing northern Australia, and supporting business to innovate and create jobs.

“There can be no doubt about the government’s commitment to agriculture, and the measures funded in MYEFO yet again highlight that commitment.

“My department and I are working hard on delivering each and every one of these measures as quickly as possible, so producers on the ground can reap the benefits.”

For more information on MYEFO visit: budget.gov.au​