​Media Release

Nominations for 2016 Australian Biosecurity Awards now open

3 August 2015

Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, called on Australians to nominate individuals and businesses for the 2016 Australian Biosecurity Awards which recognise excellence in efforts to keep Australia's biosecurity system strong. 

Minister Joyce said a strong biosecurity system protects our human, animal and plant health against exotic pests and diseases such as Asian honey bees, rabies, foot-and-mouth disease and screw-worm fly among many others, which if introduced would be potentially devastating for our nation.  

"The Australian Biosecurity Awards recognise individuals, groups and organisations that show a commitment to working with the Department of Agriculture to support and promote Australia's biosecurity, onshore, offshore and at the border, and the systems that underpin it," Minister Joyce said. 

There are three award categories, the Australian Biosecurity Award – Industry; the Australian Biosecurity Award – Government; and the David Banks Biosecurity Lifetime Achievement Award. 

The awards recognise businesses, industry and government organisations, teams and individuals that: 

  • design, implement and/or lead biosecurity reform initiatives within their organisation and/or industry sector to support Australia's biosecurity integrity
  • demonstrate significant biosecurity integrity and raise biosecurity awareness within their operations and/or industry sector
  • collaboratively work with the department to manage biosecurity risk
  • identify, report and/or lead the management of a disease outbreak or pest incursion
  • report suspicious activities that may be of biosecurity concern
  • make an outstanding contribution to protecting or maintaining animal or plant health
  • raise awareness of Australia's biosecurity requirements offshore.

The David Banks Biosecurity Lifetime Achievement Award recognises individuals, teams or organisations who have made an outstanding contribution beyond their normal duties to Australian biosecurity over a sustained period of time.  

"The Australian Biosecurity Awards are a great way to recognise the efforts of people who go beyond the call of duty to help protect our nation's environment, human, animal and plant health," Minister Joyce said. 

"Making sure Australia remains free of many of the exotic pests and diseases prevalent in other countries is an enormous job but it's one that can save farmers up to $17,500 per farm per year.  

"It's a job that requires the help of the whole community to succeed and so it's very important to highlight the efforts individuals and businesses have made in maintaining Australia's clean, green trading status." 

Nominations are open until 30 September 2015. 

For more information on the Australian Biosecurity Awards, including the nomination form, visit: agriculture.gov.au/aba.