​​Media Release

More support for small beef and roo exporters

5 November 2015

Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Barnaby Joyce, today announced $1.3 million in grants to boost access to Asian markets for small exporters of kangaroo and red meat, under the Government's Package Assisting Small Exporters (PASE) Programme.

The grants continue to deliver on the Coalition Government's election commitment to support small exporters through its $15 million, four-year programme.

"Access to premium overseas markets is an important element of driving profits back through the farmgate of our nation's farmers," Minister Joyce said.

"The Coalition Government's objective is to advocate for the best possible returns to producers in the kangaroo industry and indeed, other emerging niche markets.

"More than $800,000 will be made available to promote this delicious, healthy meat into Asia, through industry-to-industry and government-to-government advocacy as well as through promotional work."

Minister Joyce said a further $500,000 will be provided to the New South Wales Farmers' Association to develop alternative supply chains for small beef producers and exporters.

"This would include supply chain mapping, developing partnerships with key stakeholders and investigating potential new Asian markets," Minister Joyce said.

"A delegation of farmers will visit overseas markets and share what they have learned to open up new opportunities for red meat producers.

"These grants are timely. We're giving targeted support on the back of historic trade agreements with China, Japan and Korea that will mean real returns to the nation's farmers."

Under the PASE programme, a total of $6.6 million (GST inclusive) has been committed so far to small exporters of fish, meat, egg, dairy, grains and horticulture. This is in addition to the $1.3 million already provided in rebates to assist small exporters with export registration charges.​

Further information on the Package Assisting Small Exporters Programme can be found at the Department of Agriculture's website: www.agriculture.gov.au/export/product-overseas/package-assisting-small-exporters.