Media Release

Supporting Australia’s world leading fisheries

14 May 2014

Joint media release

The Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP
Minister for Agriculture

Senator Richard Colbeck
Senator for Tasmania, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture

The Coalition is delivering an election commitment to help the fishing industry around Australia provide more jobs and remain among the best managed in the world.

An additional $9 million has been allocated in the Budget for a range of measures including support for recreational and commercial fishing bodies, support for these groups to meet maritime standards, and a review of invasive marine pests.

Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, said an investment of $5 million would help combat invasive marine pests that cause significant damage to fisheries.

“This programme will strengthen marine biosecurity ensure Australia is well placed to protect our fisheries industries and environment from the effects of invasive marine pests,” Minister Joyce said.

“It will help increase the profitability of Australia’s fisheries industries which is an important part of the economy.”

Senator Richard Colbeck, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture, said $2.4 million has been allocated to recognise OceanWatch as natural resource management (NRM) organisation.

“OceanWatch has been highly effective at encouraging sustainable practices among commercial fishers and managing impacts on the marine environment in consultation with communities,” Senator Colbeck said.

“Having an NRM organisation dedicated to the marine environment will ensure our fisheries sector can continue to supply high-quality, sustainably sourced seafood now and into the future.”

“We’ve allocated $1 million, as promised before the 2013 election, to help recreational and commercial peak fishing organisations provide sustainable national leadership on fisheries issues. We’ve also allocated $100,000 to help these organisations meet the cost of interpreting and implementing new national maritime safety standards.”

“We are committed to ensuring Australia’s fisheries are sustainable and underpinned by good science. That’s why we have allocated $500,000 for recreational fishing surveys to collect data on the social and economic impact of recreational fishing and to assess stock levels.”

The Coalition is demonstrating its commitment to Australia’s fisheries industry and recognises it as a key contributor to the nation’s economy, the environment, and to healthy lifestyles.

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