Media Release

Tangible support for Chinese-Australian cooperation

18 September 2014

Australian Agriculture Minister, Barnaby Joyce, has met with his Chinese counterpart Minister Han Changfu, to discuss ways to strengthen agricultural ties between the two nations.

Minister Joyce, currently on a five day visit to China, said his meeting with Minister Han was productive and they agreed to a number of cooperative projects funded through the Australia-China Agricultural Cooperation Agreement (ACACA). 

"The $275,000 Australian Government grant funding for projects in 2014 will strengthen the trade relationship between Australia and China," Minister Joyce said.

"The successful applicants of the ACACA funding are all well placed to strengthen bilateral cooperation and trade relationships for the Australian and Chinese agricultural sectors.

"Through agreements like ACACA we will continue to see our trade relationship strengthen and grow – to the mutual benefit of farmers and producers in Australia, and farmers, producers and consumers in China."

Projects to receive approval for ACACA activities in 2014 are:

  • Institute of Foresters of Australia – to undertake a China Australia Forestry Exchange Programme
  • AgForce Queensland – to explore market options for Queensland grassfed cattle in China
  • Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) – to enhance the functionality of Australian oats exported to China
  • Australian Seafood CRC – to ensure safe and secure seafood trade between Australia and China by assisting supply chain partners in the Australian and Chinese seafood trade to manage food safety risks
  • Department of Agriculture – to co-develop China Country-specific guidelines to support Australia’s illegal logging regulations

Under the ACACA programme, Australia has also agreed to support a number of incoming Chinese delegations. For the first time, Australian industry organisations have agreed to host some of these missions.

  • Australian Pork Limited will host the Jiangsu Agriculture Commission mission focussed on animal sanitary management and waste management technology.
  • Meat and Livestock Australia will host the Yunnan Provincial Agriculture Department who will be studying livestock production in Australia.

The Department of Agriculture will also host three other missions for China focused on human resource management, investment and land resource management.

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