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Scoop: Bulla on board with CoOL​

8 June 2017

  • Bulla Dairy Foods has announced it will adopt CoOL labels early, including on some ice cream products.
  • It is not mandatory for snack foods such as ice cream to display country of origin labels.
  • Businesses have until 30 June 2018 to adopt new labels on priority foods.

​Family owned Bulla Dairy Foods (Bulla) has announced it will adopt Australia's new Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) changes early, including voluntarily adopting them on ice cream products.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Barnaby Joyce, and the Member for Corangamite, Sarah Henderson, today visited the Bulla factory to welcome the move, which will give consumers the extra level of information they are seeking around where their food was grown, made or packed, and how much was sourced from Australian farmers.

"The Coalition Government welcomes Bulla's commitment to deliver the Government's new CoOL reforms one year ahead of time on all their chilled dairy products, including ice cream, which is not mandatory under the changes," Minister Joyce said.

"It is clear that Bulla is proud to be an Australian company and wants to use the labels to show consumers where their food comes from, and that the milk they use is proudly all Australian, supporting Australian dairy farmers.

"It is encouraging to see Bulla is also making a concerted effort to source more ingredients from Australian farmers, where possible, as it embraces the CoOL changes and the information it displays.

Ms Henderson said it was great to see the local Australian icon, run for over 100 years by the same three families, getting behind the changes.

"Australian produce has a reputation for being safe, high quality, clean and green, and consumers have a right to know where their food comes from when doing their shopping," Ms Henderson said.

"It is great to see Bulla taking this initiative to show it is committed to informing consumers."

Bulla CEO, Allan Hood, said he is committed to increased labelling reform for greater transparency for all consumers.

"As one of Australia's largest family owned dairy companies, we are proud to be leading the way to the new CoOL reforms in our category, transitioning our 'chilled products' to the new labelling one year ahead of the mandatory timeline," Mr Hood said.

"In support of transparency across the dairy and wider packaged food industry, we have also voluntarily implemented these changes for our ice cream, with our flagship product, Creamy Classics Vanilla the first to transition in September 2017.

"As an iconic Australian brand, we're committed to ensuring there is greater transparency for our consumers about where the products they choose to buy come from and will continue to deliver the best quality dairy products using real fresh milk and cream."

More information for consumers can be found at foodlabels.industry.gov.au.

Fast facts

  • The new improved country of origin labelling system came into effect on 1 July 2016.
  • Businesses have until 30 June 2018 to update their labels.
  • The new labelling will be required on most food that is grown, produced or made in Australia.
  • For non-priority foods, they are not mandatory, although businesses are still able to display the enhanced country of origin label.
  • The new labels include a logo (kangaroo in a triangle symbol), which indicates Australian jobs and whether Australian based industry manufactured or processed the food.
  • The bar chart identifies the proportion of Australian ingredients grown by our farmers.​