​Media Release

Littleproud thanks Natio​nal Coordinator​

23 November 2018 

I note the resignation of Matt Barwick as National Coordinator for the National Carp Control Plan.

Mr Barwick has done a fantastic job working on the carp virus and I thank him for the great work he’s done.

Mr Barwick’s resignation is not expected to change the timeline for the project.

The National Carp Control Plan is expected to be presented to all governments for agreement in December 2019.

The virus has been tested on countless species of native fish, none of which have caught the virus. The FRDC is confident the virus only affects common carp.

Carp are a terrible introduced pest which wipe out our native fish and I look forward to curbing their numbers with this virus and hopefully other control measures such as the Daughterless Carp program.