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​Northern communities protect their water

  • 35 GL of groundwater recovered in Queensland's Upper Condamine Alluvium
  • 258 applications accepted across the tender to sell a combined 31.944 GL
  • Anyone who wants to sell further water in the region should contact the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

The government is within striking distance of the Central Condamine Alluvium groundwater recovery target after water holders volunteered to sell nearly 32 gigalitres in a recent tender. 

Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources David Littleproud said only 4.844 GL more had to be recovered in the system's tributaries to reach the region's target.  

"Condamine Alluvium water holders have made business decisions to sell this water," Minister Littleproud said. 

"They know a healthy water resource will keep their farms profitable in future years. 

"The tenders have seen 35 GL recovered towards the region's 40.4 GL target. 

"Keeping water in the aquifer improves the region's water security. 

"We are committed to delivering the Basin plan on time and in full." 

For more information on the Queensland Upper Condamine Alluvium groundwater tender visit: 

Fast Facts:

  • 34.655 GL long term average annual yield (LTAAY) recovered with 0.901 GL (LTAAY) remaining to be recovered in the Upper Condamine Alluvium
  • 0.156 GL (LTAAY) recovered in tributaries with 4.844 GL (LTAAY) remaining
  • The Basin Plan has a groundwater recovery target of 40.4 GL (LTAAY) in the region
  • The Queensland Upper Condamine Alluvium is the only groundwater recovery in the Basin Plan and is separate from the 2680 GL surface water target