​Media Release

Minister Littleproud congratulates Coles for giving farmers a fairer deal

20 September 2018

Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud has congratulated Coles on coming to the party to help farmers.

Coles has announced it will also offer a milk range delivering 10 cents a litre directly back to farmers, after Woolworths moved earlier this morning.

"Aussies can now back our farmers at the supermarket checkout," Minister Littleproud said.

"I congratulate Coles for getting on board and seeing that the people of Australia really wanted this.

"I rang retailers three weeks ago and asked them to consider a voluntary levy for our farmers and I'm rapt they've come to the party. They've shown they have a social conscience.

"Now it's up to consumers to show they want a #fairgoforfarmers by buying this milk. It's a small investment to keep our farmers on the land producing milk for our nation.

"Ten cents a litre may not sound like much but it's huge for our farmers, many of whom are losing money every day, or struggling to break even.

"When companies and people power combine, they can get great results without government.

"The dairy industry needs real structural reform, and I've begun work on a mandatory code of conduct. In the meantime, this gives farmers breathing space."​