​​Media Release

Positive meeting with fast food companies on Country of Origin Labelling​

2 May 2018

Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, David Littleproud, was pleased with a positive response from the fast food industry at a Roundtable on Country of Origin Labelling today.

​"I thank the businesses for their attendance and spirit of cooperation today," Minister Littleproud said.

"Major fast food providers were warm to the idea of displaying the country of origin percentages of their standard menu items on their websites and in their apps as a first step.

"Displaying the country of origin information for standard menu items is a sensible first step which would increase transparency for the consumer hugely.

"Aussies deserve to know where their food comes from. They deserve to know how much of a product is made from Australian farm produce, especially as so many Australians use country of origin as a gauge of food quality.

"Displaying country of origin information online would give consumers choice. They can then choose to vote with their wallets."

The forum agreed to meet again to work through technical issues in coming months.

Country of Origin Labelling becomes law for packaged foods on July 1.