​​Media Statement

Statement on Heat Stress Risk Assessment

13 December 2018

The horrific events of the Awassi brought to light in April were distressing and meant calm and decisive action based on science was required to reset the industry.

​Part of the Government's response was scientific analysis of animal welfare standards, so I welcome the draft report on the Heat Stress Risk Assessment which is handed down today for consultation.

It is clear the sheep export industry and ship owners have not been proactive enough in dealing with this in the past and must now commit to investment in better technology to keep the industry sustainable.

Other industries have done this in the past like the phase out of sow stalls in the pork industry, so the live sheep export industry and ship companies need to invest similarly in new technologies to dehumidify their boats.

Exporters have significantly gained financially in the past from this industry and it's now imperative they re-invest back into their industry immediately. I therefore expect the industry to start to show some leadership in greater investment in animal welfare standards.