​Media Statement

Statement on regulation of agri-chemicals

9 October 2018

Agri-chemicals, their registration and safety are all handled by the independent regulator – the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.

Politicians don't make decisions on which chemicals are safe or how they should be used; the scientists do – as they should.

I back the APVMA. I am confident the APVMA is competent and independent. I have taken steps to further protect its independence by introducing legislation to have a skills based board to protect the transparency and accountability of the APVMA and its function.

A cost recovery model funds independent regulators across multiple industries and this is appropriate.

The weight of the objective scientific evidence shows when used in accordance with label instructions, glyphosate can be used safely.

I call on all sides of politics to back my legislation to give the APVMA an independent, skills based board which further strengthens the APVMA.