​Media Release

Woolgrowers decide on 1.5 per cent levy

16 November 2018

  • Woolgrowers voted for a 1.5 per cent levy rate in WoolPoll 2018.
  • This determines how much funding Australian Wool Innovation receive for the next three years.
  • New levy expected to take effect from 1 July 2019.​

Woolgrowers have voted for a 1.5 per cent levy rate on their gross wool sale proceeds to fund research and marketing services to the Australian wool industry.

Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud said this was the outcome of an independent process, WoolPoll 2018, where growers decided how much funding Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) would receive for the next three years.

"I respect and support woolgrowers democratic right to choose the levy rate  they wish to devote to research and marketing," Minister Littleproud said.

"WoolPoll 2018 was growers' opportunity to choose how much funding AWI will receive for the next three years.

"It is now up to AWI to work with their allocated budget and deliver the best possible research and marketing services to take the Australian wool industry forward.

"Link Market Services conducted WoolPoll 2018 completely independent of government, and undertook its own due diligence and verification. 

"The WoolPoll Panel is satisfied with the process.

"I am yet to receive AWI's formal submission, but expect to change the regulations to enable the 1.5 per cent levy rate to take effect from 1 July 2019."

Fast facts

  • Under its enabling legislation, the Wool Services Privatisation Act 2000, AWI is required to conduct an independent poll of levy payers every three years. 
  • AWI, in accordance with the Wool Services Privatisation (Wool Levy Poll) Regulations 2003, engaged Link Market Services to manage the WoolPoll 2018 vote. 
  • AWI and Link Market Services have advised that 13,506 valid voting papers were cast, representing 28.67 per cent of eligible levy payers (47,107).  
  • The returned voting papers represented 55.92 per cent of total available voting entitlements.