Media release

Encouraging comment on plantation forestry

2 December 2016

The Australian Government today encouraged interested stakeholders to provide their views on a new draft plantation forestry method and proposed amendments to the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Rule 2015

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Senator Anne Ruston, said these were important initiatives to the forestry and farming sectors, and it is important their views are included.

“The draft method credits abatement by storing carbon from the atmosphere in trees,” Minister Ruston said. 

“This is done through establishing one or more new plantation forests, or converting short-rotation plantations to long-rotation forests.

“These activities must result in eligible carbon abatement.  

Existing Emissions Reduction Fund projects under a current method, where one or more plantation forests have been established, may be able to apply to transfer to the plantations method. 

“The government also invites comments on proposed amendments to the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Rule 2015.

“The proposed amendments support the operation of the draft plantation forestry method. 

“While submissions on the method close on 30 December 2016, the Emissions Reduction Assurance Committee has indicated it is willing to consider submissions received up until Monday, 9 January 2017.”

More Information on the draft method and instructions on how to provide a submission are available on the Department of Environment and Energy’s website at​.