​Media Release

Efforts continue to eradicate White Spot Syndrome Virus from Queensland

16 March 2017

Efforts by the Queensland Government to eradicate white spot syndrome virus impacting the local prawn industry were fully supported by the Federal Government according to Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Anne Ruston.

Minister Ruston said eradication efforts were necessary to limit the damage done to Australia’s prawn industry, worth over $350 million a year to our nation’s economy, from the current outbreak of white spot disease.

“A range of measures has been put in place to safeguard all our prawn producers – wild catch and farmed – from this damaging disease,” she said.

“Some of these measures may not be popular but they’re necessary to ensure we are confident this highly contagious prawn disease is properly contained, giving us the best chance of eradicating it once and for all.

“There is potential for other crustaceans, like the iconic Moreton Bay Bugs and crabs, to contract white spot disease – so the Australian Government supports any decisions that protect our important industries.

“So far the Australian Government has contributed $1.74 million to assist with some of the costs associated with combating the outbreak, to provide some support to affected prawn farmers, and to help prepare the industry for future biosecurity challenges.

“Our focus, along with that of the Queensland Government, remains on successfully eradicating this disease and preventing it from affecting our precious seafood industries ever again.”