​​Media release

Ministers supporting the forest products industry

31 March 2017

Forestry ministers and senior government officials met today to discuss challenges and priorities for Australia’s forest products industry. 

The Turnbull Government is committed to growing Australia’s forest products industry. 

Ministers re-affirmed the importance of the forest industry and Regional Forest Agreements and discussed the implementation of the Transforming Australia’s Forest Products Industry report.

Ministers expressed strong support for the forest industry and are committed to helping the forest products industry reach its full potential.

“I am very optimistic about the future of Australia’s forestry industry, which is underpinned by the Regional Forest Agreements,” Minister Ruston said. 

“It provides jobs for more than 69 000 people in regional Australia and makes a $22 billion strong contribution to our economy.

“Today’s forest products sector is fully integrated and dependent on the sustainable use of our native forests and plantation resources. They go together.

“Forestry has a great story to tell in terms of its economic, social and environmental contributions to the Australian community. 

“It is a renewable, sustainable, carbon positive industry with tremendous potential.

“The forest products industry is far more than saw-logs and wood chips.  

“There’s many new opportunities to explore – bio-energy, bio-products and other products that will help us transition to a lower carbon future.  

“Put simply, it’s the future economy.”​