Media Release

​Progress made on Geelong Star negotiations

25 February 2016

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Anne Ruston, today welcomed news that progress had been made between recreational and commercial fishing sectors over the fishing operations of the Geelong Star in the Small Pelagic Fishery.

“I understand that at today’s meeting, the second between the two parties, that the operators of the Geelong Star, Seafish Tasmania, have put forward a series of voluntary undertakings for the 2016–17 fishing season,” Minister Ruston said.

“While the details of the offer are still being finalised it was great to see the parties coming back to the table for further discussion. 

“It is important that the recreational fishing community and commercial fishers talk together and find ways to co-exist around this shared resource.

“To that end, it was also pleasing to see a commitment from both organisations at today’s meeting to continue dialogue as we head towards the 2016–17 SPF fishing season.

“I look forward to seeing the final voluntary offer from Seafish Tasmania and a positive 2016-17 fishing season, whereby both commercial and recreational fishers can have an amicable co-existence.” ​