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​Regional exporter leads the pack​

28 November 2015

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Senator Anne Ruston, last night presented Tasmanian Quality Meats with the Regional Exporter of the Year at the Australian Export Awards national awards ceremony in Melbourne.

Minister Ruston said Tasmanian Quality Meats’ excellence in meat exports made them a worthy recipient of the award—which was sponsored by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

“Tasmanian Quality Meats are a great success story, growing their export business from scratch over the past four years to reach annual sales of more than $37 million in 2014–15,” Minister Ruston said.

“They now export fresh and frozen lamb, mutton, veal and offal to markets in the Middle East and South Asia, while emphasising the clean, green production methods underpinning their products.

“The Australian Government continues to work to secure the best market access opportunities for producers and exporters like Tasmanian Quality Meats—and the value of farm commodity exports alone rose six per cent this year to $43.5 million.

“A strong agricultural sector is an investment in regional and rural Australia helps sustain local communities and economies.

“We have a plan for agriculture and it is focused on opening up markets and increasing productivity.

“Our free trade agreements are delivering big tariff cuts for our exporters, getting a jump on our competitors—and with the Trans-Pacific Partnership there’s more to come.

“We’re investing $30.8 million to break down technical barriers to trade, appointing five new agricultural counsellors in the key markets of Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, China and the Middle East—they are due to start work in January.

“The government is also designing a more modern and streamlined traceability system—with increased ability to quickly trace and isolate product in the event of a traceability incident and therefore maintain export market access.

“Regionally based industries need good infrastructure—investment in supply chain infrastructure underpins the profitability of our $57 billion agricultural industries.

“Through the white papers on Agricultural Competitiveness and Developing Northern Australia, we are expanding the CSIRO’s TRAnsport Network Strategic Investment Tool to ensure future decisions on transport deliver maximum benefits as well as investing $100 million in improving key northern Australia cattle roads.”

The award recognises outstanding international success by a business whose head office is based in a non-metropolitan location.

The Australian Exporter of the Year was also announced. The Award went to ANCA.

The Australian Export Awards is a national programme backed by governments and industry. For more information, visit:​