India ‘Hass’ a taste for the best

15 March 2023

Australian avocado growers can now access one of the world’s largest food markets.

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Murray Watt said Australia and India had agreed on two-way agricultural trade that will provide new market access for Australian ‘Hass’ avocados to India and access for Indian okra to Australia.

“The Albanese Government is focused on opening doors for Australia’s agriculture and processing industries to grow and diversify their overseas markets,” Minister Watt said.

“This is a significant market access opportunity for Australian avocado producers, with the opening of a new export market which industry estimates has a potential market value of approximately $25 million,” Minister Watt said.

“India’s large population and diversifying economy is creating new demand for premium and healthy produce which Australia is well placed to deliver on.

“This agreement showcases Australia’s high-quality produce to a larger global market and contributes to further export diversification opportunities for the Australian avocado industry.

“Australia and India share a strong agricultural trading relationship focused on collaborative effort and cooperation which was evident by the development and agreement of trade approaches for our respective priority market access requests.”

Minister Watt said the Okra from India: biosecurity import requirements final report highlighted the significance of the bilateral relationship between the two countries and commitment to deliver new safe trade opportunities under the Australia–India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement.

“India is an important trading partner for Australia. In 2021, India was Australia's sixth largest two-way goods and services trading partner at $34.3 billion,” Minister Watt said.

“I’m pleased Australians will now be able to enjoy Indian okra which is known for its nutritional benefits and versatility in cooking.”

Successful completion of 10 trial ‘Hass’ avocado shipments to India will be required before the trade protocol with India is finalised for broader trade.
Fast Facts

  • The avocado trade will be underpinned by the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (entered into force on 29 December 2022), under which tariffs on avocados will be phased by 1 January 2028, providing additional benefits to exporters.
  • Australia exported a record $55 million of avocados in 2022.