Deck the table with Australian produce

16 December 2022

Whether it be the traditional leg of ham, bucket of prawns or bowl of cherries, Australians are being urged to choose local produce for their table this holiday season.

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Murray Watt has encouraged everyone to support local farmers, fishers and producers by buying Australian grown at Christmas time.

Minister Watt said that although flooding in eastern Australia caused crop and livestock losses throughout the year, Australia has a bumper harvest ready to feed the whole family.

“Despite a range of challenges, our farmers and producers have had an amazing year worth more than $85 billion,” Minister Watt said.

“Good livestock conditions will mean plenty of Australian lamb, beef and pork will be available to Australian consumers this Christmas.

“Fisheries are also preparing for a busy Christmas season with the highest production of prawns expected in nearly 20 years.

“Australia has some of the world’s best produce; whether your plate is loaded with ham, lamb, prawns or vegetables you can have a wonderful Australian grown feast.

“Buying Australian produce this Christmas means you are supporting around 87,000 agricultural businesses, most of which are farms.

“Check the label or ask your butcher, fruit shop, or fishmonger if produce is Australian grown.

“Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all who are celebrating this holiday season.”

Fast Facts: 

  • In 2022 (until 30 September), Australian lamb production was the highest on record at 404,125 tonnes, topping the previous record by 4%.
  • Australian pig meat production was a record high in 2021-22, at 439,000 tonnes.
  • Crops have been setting records too, with the two highest years of production expected for wheat and canola.
  • In 2022-23, crop production is expected to be nearly $51 billion.
  • Dairy prices are at record highs, which means a record value of production expected in 2022-23, of nearly $6 billion in Australian milk.
  • Egg consumption is expected to increase approximately 12.5% over the Christmas period
  • The red meat industry has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions more than any other sector in Australia, with emissions down by almost 60% since 2005.
  • Consumer research has shown 96 per cent of Australians choose Australian made products when given the choice - unchanged from a year ago (source: Preference for Australian-made goods unchanged at 96% in 2022 - Roy Morgan Research)