Sheepmeat exports to Brazil restored

Brazil has restored market access for Australian sheepmeat, sheep meat products and edible offal, allowing the resumption of trade with the South American nation.

The trade was suspended in 2020, due to changes in Brazilian requirements.

The resumption gives access for Australian sheepmeat producers to the 217 million people who live in Brazil.

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Murray Watt said this was a positive step forward for Australia’s growth in agricultural trade with Brazil.

“Brazil has a sizeable and growing market for meat products where Australian products are held in high regard for their excellence,” Minister Watt said.

“Restored market access for sheep products opens news opportunities for the Australian sheepmeat industry.

“Both governments have committed considerable effort to strengthening our bilateral relationship and we are seeing benefits from our engagement.

“This positive outcome reflects the hard work and technical expertise of officials on both sides and shows that when we work together, both Australia and Brazil can benefit.

“The Australian Government greatly values our bilateral agricultural trade relationship with Brazil, and we are committed to seeing its continued growth.”