Statement on Indonesian pause of live cattle exports from four Australian facilities

As stated by Australia’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Australia remains Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) free.

We have never had a positive detection on our shores.

Australian officials are working with Indonesian authorities to reassure them that all animals exported from Australia comply with all Indonesian requirements, including being free of LSD.

Indonesia has paused exports from four Australian facilities pending further testing of animals, but live cattle exports to Indonesia are continuing and 28 registered establishments are available for use by exporters wishing to trade. Work is already underway to deliver rapid testing and restore exports from those facilities.

After I was first briefed about this issue late on Friday afternoon, we have taken quick action to protect our cattle industry, including:

  • Immediately activating the Response Coordination Group.
  • Holding briefings with State and Territory Ministers and their respective Chief Veterinary Officers.
  • Met with Australia’s Ambassador to Indonesia and other departmental officers who are on the ground in Jakarta.
  • Holding a briefing with more than 70 industry stakeholders.
  • Begun the process of rapid diagnostic testing of cattle across Northern Australia.

Indonesia is a valued and respected partner, and Australia recognises the longstanding cooperation with Indonesia on animal biosecurity matters.

Australian producers and our beef supply chain can be assured that we are working around the clock to get a swift resolution to this issue.