Watt welcomes farm export records

Australian farm exports are forecast to exceed $70 billion for the first time on record as excellent growing conditions and strong commodity prices benefit Aussie farmers.

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Murray Watt said the latest reports on Australian crops and commodities from ABARES showed the industry is performing strongly.

“This year farm exports are forecast to be worth a record-breaking $70.3 billion, which is a remarkable achievement,” Minister Watt said.

“ABARES have also forecast a winter crop harvest of 55.5 million tonnes. 

“This combination of high yields and high exports is good news for Aussie farmers, rural communities and all of us.

“It also means Australia can do its part in contributing to global food supply.

“We know trade and exports make all the difference in times of stress and food scarcity, and I couldn’t be prouder to see Australia pulling its weight.”

Minister Watt said while cropping is leading the way on exports, it’s heartening to see livestock numbers rising as conditions are allowing our farmers to rebuild their herds to pre-drought levels.

“For example, the national sheep flock has climbed to 70.8 million, the highest it’s been since 2018," he added.

“This year is shaping up to yield the second highest value production on record, projected to be worth $81.8 billion. 

“Three years of above-average rainfall and strong commodity prices globally will benefit our farmers as they navigate an increasingly complicated global situation.

“We know our agriculture industry has its challenges, but this data shows the sector is in good shape.

September 2022 Agricultural Commodities Report here and the September 2022 Australian Crop Report here.